Krannert Art Museum

Krannert Art Museum (KAM) promotes a vibrant exchange of ideas in the visual arts. The museum’s rich permanent collection contains more than 10,000 works of art dating from the fourth millennium BCE to the present, representing a broad range of cultures and varied modes of artistic expression.

Located at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, KAM is the second largest general fine arts museum in Illinois.

Here are some KAM feat. fine arts:


World on the Horizon: Swahili Arts Across the Indian Ocean is the first major traveling exhibition dedicated to the arts of the Swahili coast and their historically deep and enduring connections to eastern and central Africa, the port towns of the western Indian Ocean, and, given their circulation within imperial networks of trade and diplomacy, to Europe and the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Allan deSouza is internationally acclaimed for his photographic, installation, text, and performance works that restage historical evidence through counter-strategies of fiction, erasure, and (mis)translation.

DeSouza’s most recent work reenacts and upends iconic colonial narratives of discovery in Africa. Through the Black Country, or, The Sources of the Thames Around the Great Shires of Lower England and Down the Severn River to the Atlantic Ocean is based on the expedition diaries of the Zanzibari crypto-ethnologist Hafeed Sidi Mubarak Mumbai, the fictional great-grandson of the historic figure, Sidi Mubarak Bombay—a formerly enslaved African who, upon gaining his freedom in India, returned to Africa and lead numerous British expeditions across Africa.

In this installation, comprised of photographs, diary extracts, and sculptural works, Hafeed sets off to fulfill his great grandfather’s unfulfilled wish—to discover the fabled and elusive source of the River Thames.

In addition to his art practice, Allan deSouza is chair of the Department of Art Practice at the University of California, Berkeley. His current book project, How Art Can Be Thought, an examination of art pedagogy and a lexicon of terms used within the art critique, will be published in 2018.

Curator: Allyson Purpura, senior curator and curator of Global African Art, in collaboration with the artist

Join us for a talk by exhibiting artist Allan de Souza, titled “Through the Black Country: Body Doubles and Fictive Presence.”

Artworks are commonly viewed as stand-ins for the artist, as the truth of the artist’s interiority manifested in material objects. Allan deSouza will consider his own work through this desire for “truthiness,” what possibilities there are for artistic doppelgangers and fictional stand-ins, and what roles they might serve in an era of “fake news.”

Allan deSouza is a multi-media artist whose works restage historical evidence through counter-strategies of humor, fiction, and (mis)translation. Comprised of photographs, maps, diary extracts, and a recreated base camp, Through the Black Country… charts an expedition through London of the fictional Zanzibari crypto-ethnographer Sidi Mubarak Mumbai, whose accounts of the city implicate Brexit isolationism in the racial legacies of colonialism in London today.

This artist talk is sponsored in part by the Frances P. Rohlen Visiting Artist Fund/College of Fine and Applied Arts, the School of Art + Design Visitors Committee Fund, and Krannert Art Museum.

Krannert Art Museum exhibitions are made possible in part by a generous grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.


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